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Sunday Morning Rockpile: What's Going On?

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Not much, it seems. Hawpe strikes out eight times in the series; Fuentes can't keep the game close; and, after neither side of the game showed up in the first contest, one side disappeared in each of the following games. That must mean both will show up tonight, right?

Thinking about that is better than reading crap about better words of wisdom for the Rockies than the ones they already have.

Update [2007-10-28 16:37:18 by Russ]: I step away for a few hours and look at what happens. I think I've been more than generous in letting these conversations go on longer than they should. Let me reiterate a few things:

  • If you are a fan of another team, it is perfectly acceptable for you to be here. However, you must abide by our codes of conduct.
  • That being said, Rockies fans at this site must also abide by the CoC.
  • To clarify and update a few things from the CoC: I let profanity slide most of the time. If you write, "That's a BS strike zone," I don't have a problem with it. If you have it as six comments in two or three innings, then I'll have a problem. If you use profanity in a way like, "$#&$ING Rockies, what total pieces of #$%$!," that's not being productive.
  • I brought this up in August, and I'll bring it up again. You have every right to write what you want here; I can't stop you from clicking that "Post" or "Submit" button. I can't. But I can delete your comments. Rules Three and Four outline what is acceptable and what is not. If you violate Rules Three and Four I will delete the post. Yes, I understand that a few days ago there was a line of discussion that violated Rule Four, and I didn't delete it or stop it before it went to far. The majority of that discussion occurred while I was asleep. I'm in NY and most of you are in a different time zone. My presence can't be ubiquitous. It just can't.
  • Read rockhead's first diary in that section. It's just baseball.