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Razing Arizona; and other notes on 2008 scheduling

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MLB is starting to finally see the potential for a deep natural rivalry between our team and the Diamondbacks, slating the two NLCS teams to face off six times in the final ten games next season, as well as six in the first dozen. Given that both squads shouldn't be losing much off their 2007 campaigns but could instead see some more improvement, those last games figure to be crucial for playoff implications once again.

What's with Arizona getting seven games with the Cardinals next September? I would have been okay with that a couple of years ago, but the Redbirds have some rebuilding to do. While the Snakes are playing a St Louis team that put up AAA lineups and even went to gimmicks like starting Troy Percival in the last week of this past season, we'll be at the Giants for the three sandwich games between the two D-backs series. The Padres, meanwhile, go to LA for three and then close out at home against the weak Pirates, and the Dodgers might be in the best position of the four stronger teams in the division to close ground, as ten of their last thirteen games are against opponents that finished last in their division in 2007.