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Monday Morning Rockpile: It is done.

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A remarkable season and a remarkable run ended rather ignominiously, but at least we got our first pennant out of it. Congratulations 2007 Rockies! The focus now turns to getting back, and hopefully one step farther next season. I think right now in my head, I would prioritize our primary needs this way, but I recognize the team might have them in a different order:

  1. Second Base - re-signing Kaz would probably be preferable, or perhaps targeting his countryman Tad Iguchi if Matsui falls through. Even if Ian Stewart works out, swell, but we need to avoid turning to Jamey Carrol at all costs. I think for the offense next year this is a biggie.
  2. Catcher - I'm hoping Chris Iannetta is ready now, but we need to have a solid plan B in case he's not. Torrealba will get more money than I think he's worth to a team in free agency, but really it wouldn't be that big of a mistake to re-sign him
  3. A starter. I'd love for the team to get a ready number one or two just as much as anybody, and I'd be willing to give up one of our top prospects to get it done so long as we controlled said starter for more than one season. I think the team ends up getting an innings eating number three or four, as well as rolling the dice by re-signing Rodrigo Lopez for a possible late return. This kind of depth will be enormously helpful in getting us back to the postseason, but the lack of a number one if Jimenez or Morales don't step into that role might make for an earlier exit.
  4. Re-tooling the bullpen. This free agent list is underwhelming after a few elite guys that won't work for middle relief, but the team needs to rebuild with a few of our 2007 guys hitting the road.

So congratulations to the Red Sox. Your turn from good and lovable loser to loathed and feared mega-team is complete:

Hmm... pardon for the obvious racist exploitation of the original film poster, but the image seemed somehow appropriate anyway. It was our first World Series and we were savaged by a superior opponent, that's pretty much all it boils down to. Let's clean up and move on.