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Wednesday Morning Rockpile: Re-Birth of a Rockies Nation

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It's interesting looking at how all the headlines from Denver papers this morning are couched in patriotic phrasing:

Of, by & for the Purple

In Todd, Rockies trust

Birth of a stretch run (and you can add this post's title into that same family)

This is all very good news as far as rebuilding the club's shattered trust with the city. These headlines and the stories themselves all feature trigger words that will tie people's patriotic feelings for their country to their ballclub, and were I still in political media consultancy, I would be absolutely thrilled if our client got this kind of treatment. Winning cures a lot of the sickness left over from years of abuse.


Jeffrey Bartl simulated a divisional series between the two teams' last playoff squads, the 1993 Phils and the 1995 Rox. We didn't fare so well in that against Nails and the Wild Thing, but I like this year's pitching much better than what we had going into post-season 1995.


Speaking of the 1995 squad, I got an e-mail request from a reader who's looking for a copy of the Coors Field lineup intro from our Blake Street Bomber days:

I am looking for the video that the Rockies used to be introduced with in the mid to late nineties. It was Yanni, Nostalgia. They would play the video and then the announcer would anounce them. All wonderfully timed of course. I am trying to find a copy to buy of this. Would you by any chance have any idea? I hope you don't mind me writing. I already called the Rockies main line, and the guy who I got a hold of had only been with them for 3 years and offered no help at all. From one fan to another, can you help?

If anybody has this or knows where to find it, let me know in the comments and I can get Brenna your contact info.


I've always admired Geoff Young of the Padres blog Ducksnorts, and having to write a "Why the Rockies will beat the Phillies" preview for the Hardball Times just a day after we eliminated his own team from the playoffs only increases my admiration.

Before buying into the "two hot offenses colliding theory," check out the team stats for the last thirty days. The Rockies have been the best hitting team in the NL, the Phillies have been the worst. Let's hope this extends for one more week.