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Red Sox win game one; also Phillies four game NLDS win to start tomorrow

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Strangely, the invincible Cole Hamels, for one inning at least, appeared just as vincible to this Rockies lineup as Jake Peavy, Brandon Webb, Josh Beckett, Brad Penny and others. What was more weird, Jeff Francis, who started in twenty-two wins this season by the Rockies out of thirty-four total starts, actually was involved in another W today.

Yeah, it's shocking to me, too. Good pitching on the Rockies, go figure. At least we know it won't show up in any of the next three games. I mean what has Franklin Morales done? Broken the club's record scoreless inning streak as a 21 year old? Pshh. That was what, seven innings for this franchise? Oh. That many? Really? So I was ten off or so, so what? An ERA+ of 138? But that's better than Cole Hamels... Jeez. I didn't know that. Okay, but what about Ubaldo Jimenez? Who is this Ubaldo Jimenez? His name is so funny to me, my Ivy League friends will laugh all day at that. Is he any good, or is he just some exotic novelty? A 111 ERA+? Wow. Are you sure? That's so much better than anything the Fightins can put up in game three, hey Joe, are you sure we've got this predition thing right? I mean, what if Colorado actually has good pitching? That would totally blow my world.