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Some things I want from the 2007 playoffs

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  1. A World Series trophy and a downtown parade through Denver. That should be obvious. We just need to extend the run we're already on for three more series and we'll be there. Not many pundits are giving the team much of a chance to even get by Philadelphia, however, but then again, which of these same pundits even thought we'd be here?
  2. Nine extra home games. Okay, this one might seem funny at first, but I want us to win the NLDS in four games and both the NLCS and World Series in five apiece. Added to the one extra home game we already had, the unexpected revenue for the club should give us a head start on offseason priorities even before 2008's season ticket orders start to come in. The Monfort's and Keli McGregor have been setting a cash flow positive budget each year, which means potential playoff revenue shouldn't even be factored in until it's already come into the coffers. In other words, this is all frosting on the cake from here on out, and I want my cake to have lots of frosting. Retaining both Garrett Atkins and Brian Fuentes might be a couple of the immediate benefits of a deep playoff run. I'm hoping (but not holding my breath) that it also means we can roll the dice on a Rick Porcello type of pick with our later first round selection in the draft next year.
  3. Three and out for the Diamondbacks against the Cubs. I thought about whether I wanted us to beat the Snakes in the NLCS for sweet vengeance, but then point #2 would work for them as well, so I finally decided that the Cubs are going to be rich anyway, might as well let them keep Arizona's financial gains to a minimum. Thousands of Cubs fans in Coors Field for the NLCS concerns me, though, so you Rox fans in Denver make sure this doesn't happen, please.
  4. More respect from the media. The key figures for the Rockies that East Coast media types are ignoring in proclaiming Philadelphia the team to beat this series are U-ball and Frankie, actually, which shouldn't be surprising since they are spring chickens fresh from the farm. I want games 2 and 3 in this first series to open their eyes to the fact that the Rockies young pitching matches its hitting in talent.