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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: Dodgers rumble and some Rockies reflections

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Joe Torre goes to Hollywood? At least that's the rumor that's floating out there. The Dodgers are attempting to make a strong statement that they will be in the mix for the division next season. They definitely have the talent, but they've also got the egos to go with that talent. Torre's proven as an effective ego juggler if nothing else, so I'm grading this move as a definite win for the Bluemen right now.

Troy Tulowitzki sits down with Tracy Ringolsby to talk about his rookie year.

In Jack Etkin's article about the chemistry of the team this season, Walt Weiss comes off sounding like he learned a lot from how Sandy Alderson constructed those powerhouse A's teams of the late eighties and early nineties. He implies chemistry's a result of winning, not the other way around, but acknowledges that the Rockies had that chemistry first in this instance.

Alright, let's keep our fingers crossed that Scott Boras does something he never, ever does and lets his client sign a four or five year deal with two seasons left of arbitration before he becomes a free agent. Signing Matt Holliday would be the biggest move of the offseason by far for the team if the Rockies can pull it off, and just about as miraculous as our late season comeback.

Etkin also writes about the next wave of players on the farm and gives a framework for how the Rockies see these players emerging in the coming years. The notes about Greg Reynolds; first that he would have been likely called up in 2007 had he not been injured, and then that his injury was serious enough to delay his full return to health until next May, are a mixed bag for me. Good that he's so talented, bad that his arm's shelf life might be a short one.