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Wednesday Morning Rockpile: Rally Day!

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The Rockies didn't quite get far enough for a parade, but a downtown rally in support of the team has been scheduled for today.

My Red Sox rooting counterpart and co-blogger at Yahoo!, Dan Lamothe, pointed out this hilarious interpretation of the Rockies run to the World Series:

We'll get Bowser next season, so long as the Monforts put a few more quarters in.

LaTroy Hawkins had his option declined, but wants to return. The Post treats the story as if the Rockies were doing him some massive injustice with this move, but it's just the business of baseball. Hawkins was hired as an eighth inning set-up guy -with the salary to match- but quickly proved himself merely a capable middle reliever. He's not going to get set-up/closer money from anybody, and he knows it, might as well stick with a team he likes. I won't mind having him back in that role, but it was a smart play by the Rockies to not do it at the expense of that option.