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NLDS Game #2: Morales vs Kendrick

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For both these pitchers, today represents a sort of national coming out party. One will get other opportunities this postseason to prove that he can pitch in the "big games" or "when it counts," while both risk getting Ankieled back to the minors with notoriously bad outings. Lucky for Frankie, if this does happen to him, much like the Cardinals HGH infused feel good comeback story, he can actually fall back on his hitting more than Kendrick can.

A win today by Morales and the Rockies will all but guarantee that they go on to the NLCS, a loss puts the pressure on to win both games at Coors this weekend to keep the series from going back to Philly. We're in the driver's seat right now, let's make sure we take this ride where we want to go.

Go Rockies!