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Best Rockies Season Ever? Yes.

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Go Rockies!

By winning their second postseason game today, something the 1995 Rockies team wasn't able to accomplish, I think this club leaves little doubt that it has outstripped all thirteen predecessors and earned its place at the top of our list. The only question now is, how far does it take this title. Winning one more against Philadelphia this weekend at home will be a great place to start.

A couple of notes from today's game:

Tulo and Matt's first inning homeruns had a significant effect on the way the Phillies pitched to Kaz for the rest of the game, giving him some really fat pitches to hit because they wanted to avoid the hammer that was to follow. Give KazMat a lot of credit for taking advantage of this, and earning player of the game honors.

Clint Hurdle needs to stop outsmarting himself with multiple pitching changes, or we could find ourselves in deep trouble if the Phillies come back with a win on Saturday. It will be a situation where if we take it for the sweep, Hurdle looks like a genius and the pen gets some needed rest before the NLCS, but if we lose, our tired arms could be in danger of letting the Phillies right back into the advantage.

That said, I agree with the early hook on Morales. Frankie was shaky, and it's better to nip the trouble in the bud before bad innings spiral into irreversible psychological damage. Frankie Mo will be back soon enough.

Be sure to check out some of the links on the left sidebar, in a classy move, Mike Coolbaughs' family  was voted a playoff share by the Rockies.

Also, next season's preliminary home schedule has been announced. It looks like we will have a brutal nine or ten game road trip to end the season, meaning we probably want to clinch by the middle of September next year. Not as fun, I know, but really, it's probably not wise to expect two miracle comebacks in a row.