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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

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Jimmy Rollins is still more valuable than Matt Holliday, and his zero for three, zero runs scored performance in Game one proves it, according to this Philadelphia genius. Please tell me all your journalists are this smart, Philly.

Another Philadelphia report accuses Manny Corpas of cheating. This is actually probably a good thing so long as nothing comes of it other than the psychological edge of having hitters thinking that Manny throws 98 mph mudballs. Of course, all the sweat Cole Hamels laced his pitches with didn't seem to turn out so well.

Josh Kalk breaks down Jeff Francis' masterful performance yesterday, showing that he relied more heavily on his curve than he usually does.

Ken Rosenthal also notes Francis' start, and warns Philadelphia that it doesn't get any easier against our next two starters. Rosenthal being one of the few mainstream journalists to give our pitching the props it's due.

In case you missed reading the comments to last night's thread, Todd Helton is keeping a postseason blog.

It will be Kyle Kendrick vs Franklin Morales today, in another matchup of very young pitchers, these two being surprising key components to their respective teams' stretch runs. As Francis showed yesterday in shutting down a Phils team that owned him in two previous starts this year, it would be wise to disregard our previous success against Kendrick and realize that he's a fine pitcher, albeit without the power stuff of Morales and shouldn't be overlooked. I'll put up that game preview post later today.