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Friday Morning Rockpile: Dan, You Better Keep That Ball Ready

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So, what's your superstition during the playoff run? Dan Lucero of Up in the Rockies, known as Franchise26 here, tosses a ball in his left hand and watches the Rockies come up with a big play. Not drinking Coors while the Phillies play the Rockies certainly isn't working for Phillies fans.


Brian Fuentes will be around for next year, and maybe longer, if Dan O'Dowd has anything to say about it. It's also possible we'll see both appear in the ninth inning next season. It doesn't sound like a closer-by-two, but it'll be interesting to see how this plays out, or if it even plays out, next season. If the ninth opens with a left-handed batter bringing in Fuentes would work, but have Corpas record the first two outs and then get pulled for Fuentes? That might make for an angry Manny.


And so tomorrow night the Rockies host their first playoff game at Coors Field since 1995. What better way to celebrate than to finish the Phillies off in that game? Sure, Rox Girl wants this series to go four games for the extra revenue game four will provide. But I'm a big believer in the words of one of the United States' more lively (and overrated) generals: "There is substitute for victory!" Unless you believe in the tragedy of Rockies baseball, then there is a substitute for victory.

A loss would also go against the principle of economy of force. This other guy, Carl von Clausewitz, came up with nine principles of war and they can be altered to fit the Rockies's playoff run:

Mass - Win more games than the other team to obtain the objective.

Objective - Win the World Series.

Offensive - Score early and often.

Surprise - They're the Rockies. Is there any bigger surprise?

Economy of Force - The key objective is winning, revenue is secondary. Focus all energy on winning.

Maneuver - Know when to PH and relieve.

Unity of Command - It all flows from Hurdle.

Security - Don't allow the opponent to gain a previously unknown advantage. Uh, don't allow the Phillies to win at home?

Simplicity - Just win.


I made an appearance on the latest Bleacher Bloggers show.