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Pebble Report Catch-Up

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Hawaiian Winter League: First, some news from the islands, Shane Lindsay had a stellar two and a third inning outing two nights ago, striking out five of the seven outs he recorded. This was a complete turnaround from his debut for the Beach Boys on Sunday, when he lasted only a third of an inning, giving up three runs off of two walks and two hits. Josh Sullivan's appearances have been more pedestrian thus far, but we'll keep an eye on him as well. David Patton pitched two scoreless innings in yesterday's ten to four Waikiki win, striking out three.

Right now, the better news comes from the offensive side of things. Jeff Kindel and Michael McKenry each haven't had a game yet where they haven't recorded a hit. Kindel's played in all five Waikiki contests and has gone seven for twenty-one with two doubles and a triple. McKenry is splitting the catching duties, so he's only appeared in three games thus far, but he's already collected six hits in eleven AB's including a double on Tuesday and a homerun among yesterday's three hits.

Baseball America Top League Prospects:

So far, several Rockies farmhands have ranked in BA's annual league rundowns. Keep in mind that the most prestigious list to make here thus far would be the SAL's because it has the most competition, but our solid showing in the NW and California leagues is nothing to scoff at.

Pioneer League:

  1. Jhoulys Chacin
It's a sign of how disappointing the Casper team was this year that only one guy makes it on this list, but I really think Chacin is being underrated a bit by only coming in thirteenth.

Northwest League:

  1. Helder Velazquez
  2. Bruce Billings
  3. Cory Riordan
  4. Robinson Fabian
  5. Brian Rike
It's a flawed list to begin with, and not an enviable task as there just wasn't a whole lot of clear impact talent in the NWL this season, and Tri-City's five are a good representation of this. All five have some very nice traits that might turn out to make them fine MLB players, but also some lingering questions that could prevent them from making it. Darin Holcomb is still obviously flying under the radar and might not get any respect until Modesto given that Asheville's park will provide another excuse for pundits to ignore what he does at the plate.

South Atlantic League:

  1. Hector Gomez
  2. Daniel Mayora
Gomez is just that special of an athlete that long time baseball people all sort of drool over his potential, a number two in the SAL is very high praise. For example, Ryan Braun only ranked number five in 2005. That said, some might consider the number two slot a curse, as the last three, including 2004's Ian Stewart, haven't quite lived up to the lofty expectations of the position.

Mayora sneaking into number seventeen is a good sign in a league as deep as this that he needs to be counted as a top tier prospect in the system. I suspect pitchers Keith Weiser, Aneury Rodriguez and Esmil Rogers weren't far off.

California League:

  1. Chris Nelson
  2. Dexter Fowler
  3. Brandon Hynick
  4. Eric Young Jr.
This league was actually stronger than usual, and a good pitching crop heavily weighted toward NL West systems was part of the reason. I like our position players at this level more than most others in our division, with the notable exception of the teenager now playing with the D-backs that tops the list.

I'll try and have the Colorado Springs review up later today.