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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

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The starting pitching matchups in this series have provided for some compelling storytelling, and sportswriters have been taking advantage of that. Wednesday we had the battle of stud southpaws, one ace and one near ace, with the Rockies Jeff Francis taking his stuff up a notch to match and beat Cole Hamels for that day at least. Thursday had two fresh from AA rookies taking their turns, and their inexperience was taken advantage of as neither got through the fourth inning in the Rockies romp. Tonight, the Rockies will dip back into the well of youth with Ubaldo Jimenez while the Phillies go to the other extreme with a guy almost twice his age in Jamie Moyer.

Moyer owes some of his success to a local scout/college coach but he hasn't had much of that success in his career against the Rockies. Part of the reason, I think, is that teams typically use LHP's against the Rockies to squash the production of Todd Helton and Brad Hawpe, but both have had quite a bit of success against him. We'll need that to continue tonight, and we'll probably also need our own grizzled veteran pitcher, Matt Herges, to pick up some innings in relief of U-ball.

Saturday is my day for doing chores, so I've got go get out the brooms and sweep the floors, but I'll be back tonight after I mop up on all of this to put up the game post.