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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: Game Times Set

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Gm 1 - 10/11 - COL @ ARI 8:30 pm ET     
Gm 2 - 10/12 - COL @ ARI 10 pm ET
Gm 3 - 10/14 - ARI @ COL 8:30 pm ET
Gm 4 - 10/15 - ARI @ COL 10 pm ET

Gm 5 - 10/17 - ARI @ COL 8:30 pm ET
Gm 6 - 10/19 - COL @ ARI 8:30 pm ET
Gm 7 - 10/20 - COL @ ARI TBD ET

Remember, all NLCS games are on TBS. We'll just have to wait a little while longer to see how Fox handles the Rockies. We'd have some idea, but Fox canceled three TV appearances by the Rockies this season. But as the piece indicates, it's not about appearing on TV; it's about winning a championship.


World Series tickets for the Rockies will be sold through a lottery on Monday. Hopefully the Rockies are already leading the series 3-0 at that point, but this is going to be a close series.

Update [2007-10-9 19:17:9 by Russ]: Tickets will now go on sale 22 October 2007.

If the Rockies are to find a true rival, then this series will go six or seven games and become part of the lore of this season. It'll be one of those stories: "It was a hard-fought series, but to many it didn't look good for the Rockies as they entered the ninth. Down one with one out left, the season would have been over for any team other than the Rockies. Tulo was on second, Holliday struck out, and Helton was at the plate with a full count. Valverde made a mistake. . . ." Would that be hard to believe?


Pitching coach Bob Apodaca describes his pitchers. One of them is not like the others.