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Thursday Morning Rockpile: Fogg, Yorvit opt for free agency

Not that this comes as a surprise, but Yorvit Torrealba and Josh Fogg both filed for free agency yesterday. As the article indicates, the Rockies are interested in bringing Yorvit back, but likely not looking into re-signing Fogg:

The Rockies' priorities appear to be re-signing second baseman Kazuo Matsui, Torrealba and relievers Matt Herges and LaTroy Hawkins, according to agents and opposing GMs. Horwits has had brief discussions regarding a new contract for Herges.

It also goes on to mention that the team will look to extend Aaron Cook after picking up the option on his contract for 2008. My quick opinion is that the club's doing the right thing in negotiating with Cook and Hawkins, and in letting Fogg seek greener pastures elsewhere. Torrealba might be the best of a flawed lot of free agent catchers -particularly when it comes to defense, and their offense isn't good enough to overcome this- and that will make keeping him difficult, especially with the deep pocketed Mets among the interested.

I think the team might be making a mistake in trying to re-sign Herges. There's a lot to indicate last season might have been a special kind of fluke for him, but the good side to this is that if it is a mistake, it will be a cheap and easily correctable one.


Mark Wiley was given the go ahead to talk with the Marlins about their vacant pitching coach position, and as the link indicates, Fish fans are quite pleased with this. There are rumors that Dave Holliday might be going to Pittsburgh for their vacant farm director post, and apparently Jamey Quirk has expressed interest in the Pirates manager job as well. Quirk and the rest of the Rockies coaches were retained for 2008, in case you weren't around to read the comments last night.


Jack Corrigan and Jeff Kingery are in the running for the Frick Award, this makes much more sense to me than the George Frazier nomination last season, so be sure to give our radio guys the love in fan balloting.