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Saturday Rockpile:

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November 10, 2007.

This is the day that I can officially say that I'm burned out by reading and blogging about the Rockies this year. Usually it happens a lot earlier than this. I'll get my legs back by the Winter Meetings for sure, but right now, I've officially hit my late Autumn malaise. For this reason, I'll just post one link for you this afternoon, and it's not even that current, but this is an excellent article about the potential windfall that the Rockies are in line for from their world Series appearance. of course, the figures multiply with a return trip in the next couple of seasons, so that's got to be the goal.

Matt Holliday won a Silver Slugger again, booyah, Barry, two years in a row now he's been shut out by our left fielder

Marc Gustafson expects Corey Wimberly to be back at Tulsa next season, which makes for an interesting traffic jam in the middle infield down there if we assume both Eric Young and Chris Nelson get promoted after solid seasons at Modesto. There are other notes on our minor leaguers in the article, including a note on Shane Lindsay, but no word whether the club expects to protect him on the forty man roster. Sean Thompson (who also is mentioned) seems secure in his spot, I doubt the Rockies want to lose another promising lefty this year.

Keep an eye on Francisco Cordero, as once he signs, teams will become a lot more desperate and willing to give up a better package for Brian Fuentes. I think Houston made a big mistake trading Lidge beforehand, but it works out to our benefit even if it does take one potential suitor out of play.