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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: And We're Off!

Today's the first day players can talk money with other teams, and all the notable FAs the Rockies have will do so. It appears the Mets will offer a two-year, $10M contract to Torrealba. After Jorge Posada's re-signing with the Yankees, the Mets will try to add Torrealba to their lineup, but not Paul LoDuca if you believe his agent. And with Ramon Castro likely to stay with the Mets, the Rockies could look at all those names that have been brought up in the past week or so (Barrett, Kendall, and LoDuca). What a roll of the dice.


Dave Krieger on yesterday's NL RoY vote:

Still, it's a little disappointing to find the baseball writers, the seamheads, voting as if they were drafting for a fantasy league. This vote represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the game and the importance of various elements in it.

Baseball and fantasy baseball are two different games. If the baseball writers don't know this, they should give up deciding these awards. Make them a popularity contest. Put them on the Internet. This one might have come out the same, but at least they could have sold advertising.

Fundamental misunderstanding of the game? And aren't the voters also the guys who constantly write about the fundamentals of the game?

Dave, these awards are on the internets, and the outcome was the same. So much for that thing made of tubes having the right winner.

But, hey, as Troy was quoted in September (and re-quoted now in the article): "My main focus is to try to get this team to the playoffs." He did. All Braun had to do from September to yesterday was be nervous (end of article).


AL Cy Young Award announced later today.