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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

The Mets are reportedly going to offer Yorvit Torrealba a two year contract worth $10 million, which is about three million more than what the Rockies would offer.

While those negotiations hang in the air, Our focus shifts to Michael Barrett as a possible replacement, according to Troy E. Renck. Assuming Ramon Castro is close to re-signing with the Mets as other reports this morning indicate, Barrett seems to me to have the most potential to be decent at the plate of the remaining candidates. We're going to get killed by the running game, though.

Renck also says we are looking at Mike Maroth as a potential cheap fill to the back end of our rotation. Maroth's career has taken a nosedive since having bone chips removed from his elbow in May of 2006, but before that he had been at least a serviceable southpaw starter who ate a lot of innings. This seems like a decent low risk move to me, to stack the deck with the Maroths and Mark Redmans of the world and see who sticks. I'd much rather the team does that than sign Kyle Loshe for three years and $36 million or Josh Fogg for three and $20 million.

[editor's note, by Rox Girl]

It should be noted that Tracy Ringolsby was the first to note the Rockies primary interest in Barrett on Thursday.