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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

Yorvit Torrealba's agent seems to be earning his paycheck, leveraging three teams against each other to get the best deal for his client, regardless of where Yorvit winds up signing. If the three year $15 million offer that's rumored to be out there from the Mets is true, than we best offer our congratulations to him and wish him well in the Big Apple.

As Ringolsby mentions and was brought up in the comments to David Ohno's piece last night, the Rockies decision on who they wish to pursue after Torrealba makes up his mind today might have to wait until December 7, when teams have to decide whether or not to offer arbitration to their free agents. The Rox don't want to dole out a draft pick in addition to whatever it will cost to sign one of the second tier catchers still available.

Forecast projections for our division like both the Dodgers and Padres chances on the surface, but as Dan Szymborski mentions in that first link, the decision making abilities of the GM's of those two clubs has been night and day so far, and Ned Coletti has yet to show an ability to put together a team that gets the job done. Of course, the same could have been said about our GM until this past season, so take that for what it's worth. The Dodgers have a ton of talent, and taking downgrades at second base and catcher won't make returning to the playoffs very easy in 2008.

Update [2007-11-15 14:19:19 by malakian]:

Torrealba to sign three-year deal with Mets.