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Sunday Morning Rockpile: The Next Move

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It may not be a given that the Rockies bring back Torrealba, with Dan O'Dowd saying, "We are looking at all of our options." Renck writes that T's shoulder issues may have been cause for concern, but as with other reports, no one is sure since the Mets won't say anything other than that negotiations have ended and won't resume. Exploring all options better include finding out what led the Mets and Torrealba to part ways. Sure, we may not find out publicly, but to not discretely inquire the Rockies (and other interested teams) wouldn't be doing their due diligence. If it turns out to be Rox Girl's Case #3 and no one signs him as a result, that'll lead to an interesting path. Collusion, anyone? Let's hope that's not the case, and the Mets were either scared of his shoulder (still not a great thing to happen) or Torrealba was concerned with his playing (which could be a problem even if he comes back with the Rockies).

If Torrealba doesn't re-sign with the Rockies, Michael Barrett appears to not be the answer as the Padres are leaning heavily toward offering him arbitration.

Back to that Renck article. The Rockies have expressed interest in Matt Clement. He hasn't pitched in the majors since 14 June 2006 and had shoulder surgery that September, sidelining him for the entire 2007 campaign. His three best seasons came with the Cubs ('02-'04), posting ERAs well below the league average, ERA+ above 100, and WHIPs around 1.2xx. His W-L records were never great, but we know W-L records often don't tell the whole story. A one-year deal might not be a bad idea, though the D'Backs and Padres have interest in Clement, who previously pitched for the Padres from '98-'00.

And what appears likely, as the same article brings up, the Cubs will sign Matsui soon. This could lead the Rockies to look into Mark Loretta. He's 35, though an All-Star in '06. He performed well with the Padres from '03-'05, so he has a history facing the NL West. But as Renck writes, I'll file this one away for now.