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Monday Morning Rockpile:

First of all, this is old news, but we haven't really discussed it much here yet, but according to a couple of reports, the Rockies were interested in Japanese right hander Kazuo Fukumori for use out of our bullpen. The link has a pretty good breakdown and video, so it's good to take a look at somebody who might be a Rockie, but more likely will be pitching against us in 2008. Right now, it seems the Padres are the most interested.

Matt Holliday seems to have a good shot at the NL MVP tomorrow, netting the Rox their second such award. Jack Etkin's article breaks down the three main contenders and suggests that Holliday surpasses the field in the "Don Baylor Method" of picking the "baddest dude" of the bunch. I don't know. Prince Fielder seems like he could make a run at that title now as well.

Speaking of MVP's, Jayson Nix was named to the honor for the World Cup tournament, as Troy Renck points out, the last Rockie to do that was Matt Holliday. Considering the notoriety of his teammates, this is an impressive accomplishment. It's been clear from the start of this offseason that the Rockies have been comfortable with their internal options at second base as well as catcher. I'm starting to suspect that Nix's step forward in development has a lot more to do with that than I initially thought.