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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: Today's The Day

We've been waiting for this day since we first saw it advertised during the playoffs on TBS. Yes, it's that day. It's the debut of the show that's going to revolutionize late night TV. Yep, that great guy, that guy who impersonates John Madden and Terry Bradshaw among a large cast of characters. That's right, Frank Caliendo's Frank TV premieres tonight on TBS.

Oh, wait, no one here cares about that. Actually, today's the day the NL MVP winner is announced. And no one here wants to see someone from Philly bring a second MVP in as many years to the city.

In case you didn't read the comments in the post below this one, Tracy Ringolsby's latest article indicates Kazuo Matsui appears headed to the Astros instead of Cubs, meaning the Rockies could target the Astros's Chris Burke. Also, Melvin Roman and Torrealba are pressing for a three-year deal while the Rockies won't increase their original offer.

Don't forget, Frank TV debuts tonight.

Update [2007-11-20 14:6:0 by Russ]: That Philly guy won that award. You can see the voting results here (the page background is green, so beware).