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Sunday Morning Rockpile: Instant Replay, Pitching, Third Base

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When the league's GMs meet this week in Orlando, Dan O'Dowd will head the technology committee and lead the discussion on instant replay. This will be sure to upset a number of people, but the talks will only be about determining if a ball is a homer. Will this add even more time to the game? The umpires already hold a meeting when a manager disputes a call, so if there's instant replay then the crew would hold their conference when looking at the replay. Put a time limit on replay, which the NFL does, there wouldn't be that much added time to the game. And under this proposed scope, instant replay would be an infrequent occurrence.

So, the Rockies have expectations for next season. Jon Garland? Dontrelle Willis? Yeah, perfectly acceptable guys to look into. Jason Jennings? No problem with bringing him back. Steve Trachsel or Josh Towers? The point is to keep expectations up, not diminish them. With such a preponderance of power and a lack of knowing what to do with it, the Rockies might just blunder into a situation they don't want to be in. (Yes, I like to link to many of my favorite histories).

The NY Daily News believes the Yankees will look into acquiring Garrett Atkins. The article brings up Miguel Cabrera and Joe Crede as other possibilities for the Yankees to trade for. Atkins ranks in between those two, with Cabrera being the hardest to acquire. Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, and Ian Kennedy would be just a few of the names we could hear tossed around for Atkins if anything develops. That's also the order in which the guys should be discussed, and as both sides go down the list, up goes who else is involved in the deal.