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Tuesday Rockpile:

While the Rockies have indicated they're willing to sign Yorvit Torrealba to a multi-year deal, they are also keeping their eyes open for other available catchers. Paul Lo Duca and Jason Kendall get the most press from the Denver media, but Joel Sherman at the New York Post indicates Ramon Castro is also a strong possibility. Castro's an interesting choice to me, he's going to be cheaper than Kendall or Lo Duca, but likely just as effective, if not more, at the plate than anybody else that's out there. What's more, since he's been a backup for most of his career, he doesn't have that starting catcher aura that will make Hurdle ignore Iannetta again. If we do lose out on Torrealba, I'd be pretty happy if we went this direction instead.

Also in the NY Post is this article stating that the Rockies are insistent that they are keeping Atkins. I am sure we will continue to be so insistent until some team says something that causes us to waver in our conviction. For instance, I'm pretty sure we'd waffle if the Yanks said "Joba plus Hughes," but then again, they'd be crazy to say that.

That said, the early vibe does seem to be indicating that Brian Fuentes is considerably more likely to be dealt than Garrett. Troy Renck indicates this, gives more detail on the Torrealba and Kas-Mat negotiations, and also picks up on the speculation of the unlikely possibility Rockies attempting to upgrade center field. While I'm of the opinion this would be a nice luxury, I'm also a realist and am aware that the chances of this happening are only slightly better than our chances of landing A-rod.