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Wednesday Morning Rockpile

The tone of the statements made by his agent to Troy Renck in this morning's article leaves me a bit more optimistic about a Yorvit Torrealba return, but I'm a little more doubtful about Kazuo Matsui right now. Both the Cubs and the Astros have contacted his his agent, and neither team is known for being frugal. Frankly, those two teams both would also be large career risks for Matsui, in Houston he'd have to fill the shoes of Craig Biggio, and in Chicago he'd be one of several competitors for a starting job and most likely relegated to a utility role.

Should he leave, Renck adds Jeff Baker to the second base mix, another move that should have been at least attempted a couple of seasons ago. I guess it's better late than never. Ian Stewart is also reiterated as still in the mix next Spring. I'm typically not in favor of using a Spring Training Battle Royal to determine a starter, and frankly, I don't buy that the team feels that way either. I'm guessing that similar to last season, they will have an idea of who they want to win beforehand.

I'll try and add to this post later with more on the potential availability of Brian Fuentes, and where the best fits for a trade with him might be.