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Thursday Rockpile:

Jayson Nix hit a two run single to cap the scoring in Team USA's three to nothing win over Mexico in the World Cup opener yesterday. In today's contest, he went one for four again with an HBP and two runs scored. He's been batting second and holding his own in a pretty talented lineup, add in his defensive value and he seems like a legitimate contender for next season's second base job should Kaz-Mat bolt.

About Kaz, the Rox have offered a deal for "two years in excess of $6 million" but want to know by Tuesday if Matsui intends on accepting it.  There's a similar situation with Yorvit Torrealba, but in his case we actual have intended targets to talk to if he doesn't accept it by then. Our 2008 catching situation is starting to worry me somewhat.

Chris Iannetta backed out of playing in the Dominican after having surgery to remove a bone spur in his right hand. The Tracy Ringolsby article states that the Rockies intent seems to be to have him back in AAA in 2008, with a planned 2009 return to the bigs. I think this is all well and good if the guy you've got for the Rockies actually has more value, but Jason Kendall almost certainly will not, and after a paltry performance in 2007, there should at least be some question about Michael Barret's abilities going forward as well. At any rate, if Florida is the primary competition for Yorvit, the point should be moot as our offer will likely be comparable and he should come back into the fold.

David Pinto's PMR rankings for shortstops are out with Tulo blowing away the competition. Why didn't he win the Gold glove again? This stat likes Jimmy Rollins as well, but it still indicates Tulo would have saved over 20 runs more than J-Roll if he had been in Philly's infield.