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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

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In the Spring of 2007, the Rockies had two players vying to become the first since MLB split into divisions to play with all five teams from any one of them. The Rockies chose the wrong guy in Steve Finley to be the first to do that, but kept Matt Herges around at AAA anyway to become the second a few days later. Frankly, I thought his tenure with the team might be even shorter than Fin's, but that proved to not be the case when he was called up for good in July and played an integral part in our run to the World Series.

Now he'll be back, and relatively cheaply, with a role that's more clearly defined. Tracy Ringolsby's article also says that should he sign, Mark Redman may become Herges' left handed counterpart, which might not be such a bad idea either. Both are strike throwers who are decent at utilizing the defense behind them.

Moving on, this article confirms my suspicions that Michael McKenry has moved up the depth chart at catcher in our system. McKenry beat out Matt Wieters for the honor of All-League catcher for the HWB, and it had more to do with his ability to block the plate and throw out baserunners than it did with his also impressive five HR's. McKenry moves into my top thirty Rockies prospects, and possibly the top twenty. I probably should start making that list.