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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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Paul Lo Duca has a contract with the Nats for one year and $5M, pending a physical. Let's see how this worked out: the Mets don't want Lo Duca back, the Mets want Torrealba, the Mets and Torrealba have a deal that falls apart, the Mets trade for Johnny Estrada, the Mets trade for Brian Schnieder of the Nats, Torrealba returns to the Rockies, and then the Nats sign former Met Paul Lo Duca. Got that? OK, so who won the catching sweepstakes this off season?

Barry Svriuga of the Washington Post says the Nats tried to pry Khalil Greene away from the Padres. It seems that the deal would have involved Felipe Lopez and either Chad Cordero or Jon Rauch. A setup man and a shortstop aren't going to cut it.

Luis Vizcaino, Tadahito Iguchi, Aaron Cook: Some interest, quite a bit of interest but who knows when he'll make a decision, and the other expects his new deal to be completed this week.

An interesting story I originally found at Baseball Musings: Fenway Sports Group (an arm of the company that owns the Red Sox) bought the Salem Avalanche, a minor league team. The kicker? Salem is Houston's affiliate (through 2008). Fire Brand of the American League informs us why this is important: the money from FSG is not Red Sox-related so MLB doesn't regulate it. Profiting off another team's minor league affiliate and not having any of the revenue be subject to MLB regulation - can it get any better?

Update [2007-12-11 19:27:11 by Russ]: Cook and Rockies agree to four-year, $34.5M deal.