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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

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Woody Paige asks for your Hall of Fame choices so he can submit his ballot before the deadline. Your ballot is just as good as any other HoF voter's.

Another set of 2008 predictions came out last night (brought up here), this one being the Rockies' ZiPS projection. The biggest surprise? Steve Finley and John Mabry still suck. Oh, not a surprise, you say? Yeah, you're right. Anyway, looking at some of the numbers, Eric Young Jr. would steal 61 bases in this projection. That's almost double Willy T's projected total of 34. But EY Jr. has as much of a chance to make the team this season as I do. If he succeeds Matsui at the now-vacant second base job, Jayson Nix would have just over half of Matsui's 2007 total. Chris Iannetta is right around the averages for catcher in this projection, but it'll be hard for him to get the playing time he receives here. Off season projections, you can never have too many.

Garrett Atkins, Matt Holliday, and Clint Hurdle are behind Matt Herges, but Dan O'Dowd expects Herges to say something about his inclusion in the Mitchell Report at some point in time. Now, that was in response to a question concerning Herges' future with the Rockies. Could the Rockies attempt to get out of the deal based on his alleged use of PEDs? We'd hear of the morals clause, which we all know from the Neagle situation among a few others. As a replacement player in '95, Herges can't be part of the union, and who knows if the union would back him in a dispute But I doubt it'll come to that.

Herges could come right out as Andy Pettitte did yesterday and admit to any use. Though he shouldn't include a statement like, "If what I did was an error in judgment on my part, I apologize." Some apology. He accepts responsibility for using HGH, but he doesn't want to make a judgment on the action itself.