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Monday Morning Rockpile:

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Happy Matt Holliday, Stillwater's Major League Baseball Hero Day (Observed)

The reason the Mitchell report was released last week, that the D-backs made their mega-trade and that the Rockies made their small moves was that because nobody in baseball wants to do anything from the middle of December until after the New Year. It's got the same effect as the Winter solstice, creating the darkest period between news events. So today, it appears there's not much Rockies news whatsoever.

So thank you Stillwater, OK, for declaring Matt Holliday, Stillwater's Major League Baseball Hero Day and I suggest that we as Rockies fans should all observe this holiday as well, but like MLK Jr or President's Day push observance to the following Monday after December 14. Which would mean today. Everybody don your Holliday apparel and sit in quiet reflection of what the Holliday means to you. Give Holliday gifts to Rockies fans you love. Maybe if it's still this slow, we extend observance of the Holliday holiday all week.