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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

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According to Ken Rosenthal, the Rockies tried to get Oakland's attention late in the game with the Dan Haren trade, but doesn't offer any clues as to what we might have offered and he says that the Rox didn't "stand a chance of matching the Diamondbacks' offer." Which could mean that we just weren't opening our vault enough, or it could also mean that Oakland -and I know several teams fall into this category- doesn't value our prospects as much as we do. While our prospects have all the talent -and in some cases more- than the guys Arizona gave up, they've also got a middling performance record and it's wise to remember that when we consider our ability to trade with the clubs that value that more than their scouting profile.

I think arm injuries and/or surgeries with several of our top pitchers this past season probably takes us down a few notches in organizational rankings and it certainly limits our ability to put together attractive prospect packages such as the one the D-backs offered for Haren.  

The holidays are a time to catch up on old acquaintances, so I'm sure we're all happy that former Rockie Kimera Bartee was hired by Pittsburgh as a minor league baserunning and outfield coach, and we learn that he's spent the last three seasons in a lesser coaching post in the Orioles organization. Of course, the guy we traded for him is still actually playing with the Angels.