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Sunday Morning Rockpile: 'Twas The Day Before Winter Meetings

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But don't expect me to have a poem about it.

The deadline to offer arbitration to FAs has come and gone, the Rockies having offered it to none of their FAs. Now, Dan O'Dowd turns his attention to the winter meetings, but don't expect him to make the back page of every major newspaper. A back-of-the-rotation starter, maybe a second baseman, and one or two relievers--nothing big.  

Both Saunders and Troy E. Renck agree that trade proposals involving Fuentes will be explored, but those offers might be hard to come by. Renck's a bit more optimistic that O'Dowd might find a good deal for Fuentes, and possibly for Baker, Barmes, or Carroll. And in the same article, Brett Tomko still has his agent calling the Rockies. Let it ring and ring and ring. No need to pick it up.

The Padres have reached an agreement with Randy Wolf on a one-year deal, pending a physical. He couldn't have picked a better place to pitch (Petco) after having shoulder surgery.