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Friday Morning Rockpile:

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I don't remember the last out of the World Series (ok, Seth Smith struck out), but now there won't be any reminder of it: Jonathan Papelbon's bulldog, Boss, ate it. Well, most of it. The remainder is either in the garbage or in Papelbon's possession. Papelbon played college ball for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Using your dog as an excuse to cover up your own bulldog tendencies during the off season, Papelbon? ;)

San Diego appears to be the destination for Mark Prior. He should be wary of any balls hit up the middle by Brad Hawpe (last video on May 27).

Carlos Silva and the Mariners came to an agreement on a four-year deal. Another contract in a long-line of deals that the Mariners have handed out to mediocre players. Of course, you could also be the Phillies and give a contract to Geoff Jenkins that could be worth as much as $20M if the vesting mutual option comes into play. If there's one place Jenkins would want to be to look like a better player, it might as well be in Philadelphia.

Dayn Perry believes the NL West will be the craziest and toughest division in 2008. D'Backs: young guys will be a year closer to their peaks, meaning better years out of them. Rockies: Matsui won't be hard to replace, Francis is on the path to being an ace, and Fuentes and Corpas are a great way to end a game. Dodgers: basically, it comes down to the young guys actually playing for the Dodgers and Juan Pierre not. Padres: they have the pitching, but the offense is iffy. Giants: one mention at the start of the article about not having a chance in the division.

Update [2007-12-21 19:8:59 by Russ]: Luis Vizcaino and Rockies finalize two-year, $7.5M contract.