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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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This was announced back in Novemeber, but Baseball America's national wirter Alan Matthews is the Rockies' new area scout for Georgia and Northern Florida. Welcome aboard!

The Rockies will receive Baseball America's Organization of the Year Award at BA's Awards Gala tonight.

Second base is the top priority for Dan O'Dowd to fill this off-season, and reports that Mark Loretta was close to signing with the Yankees appear to be an exaggeration. Oh, and though the article says the Rockies would owe the Astros a compensatory pick if Loretta signs, that's not true. Loretta's a Type B FA, meaning the 'Stros would receive a supplemental first round pick, not the Rockies' first round pick. Loretta's agent says he's willing to play for less money with the Rockies in that article, but in Ringolsby's organization of the year article, O'Dowd thinks otherwise.

Chris Burke may not be an option to trade for much longer as the White Sox may send an unnamed reliever to the 'Stros (11:41 PM entry) for him.

Brian Anderson wants to attempt a comeback, and the Rockies might give him a shot. The Rockies have had success with reclamation projects, but not all of them can work out. More likely Operation Termination than Operation Comeback.

Update [2007-12-4 14:15:39 by Russ]: Rockies acquire Jose Capellan from Tigers for Denny Bautista.