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Meet Jose Capellan

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The newest Rockie was signed by the Braves as a 16 year old free agent in the Dominican in 1998, and then took a long, slow route through their system before being traded to the Brewers along with Alec Zumwalt for Dan Kolb.

Capellan's calling card has always been his fastball, which he worked with in the mid-nineties in the Braves system, and it supposedly reached triple digits at times. After moving to the Brewers, his velocity disappeared and he was down to the lower nineties with the same erratic command. That said, his pitches have decent sinking movement, and he profiles well in middle relief even if the velocity doesn't come back. In many ways, he's very similar to the pitcher we traded away for him -Denny Bautista- in that his lack of command and ability to come up with a decent secondary offering has prevented him from reaching the potential he was thought to have had a few years ago.

Capellan is notorious for refusing to accept a AAA assignment from the Brewers at the start of last season, which precipitated his move to the Tigers. The Rockies are apparently hoping they can succeed in turning his career back around and finding some of that missing MPH to make him an effective late inning relief option.