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Friday Morning Rockpile: The Day After

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So, we're still waiting on Jamey Carroll to be traded to the Indians. Both sides just need to decide on the player since Sean Smith is no longer heading to the Rockies.

In the "Mile High Watch" section of Ringolsby's latest article, we find out that one of the next step for the Rockies is to discuss a long-term deal with Tulo. And maybe Fuentes. We know who has priority there.

Also in that piece, Mike Coolbaugh's memory will live on in the Texas League after having an award named after him. His brother, Scott, received the first award for TL coach of the year.

The Yankees want LaTroy Hawkins for a one-year deal. Though, the more interesting news is that the Yanks have talked with the Giants about sending Hideki Matsui to the other coast for Noah Lowry. Last night, there was a report on WFAN that the deal may be Matsui for Jonathan Sanchez.

Matsui has a complete no-trade clause and might waive it, according to the article. Seriously, he wants to go to San Francisco?! If the Giants want him and Matsui wants to go there, why not? $26M over the next two years for a guy who'll be 34 in June. Some things never change.