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Troy Renck at the Denver Post starts the inevitable media campaign to prep Rockies fans for the departure of Matt Holliday, while Dave Krieger at the Rocky Mountain News continues to astound me with his recent transition from ill-informed wingnut to an actually semi-enlightened writer when it comes to the Rockies. His latest piece points out that not every legacy needs crowned by a championship in professional sports (in reference to Helton). Still, it would be nice if Todd's did end in a fairy tale in Denver. I mean, I wouldn't complain.

Anyway, I think I've made my opinion on Holliday known: that I think he's more replaceable than some other parts on the team, and should be used in trade to get the highest possible return before he hits free agency. Brian Fuentes and Aaron Cook are a little trickier, as the development of pitching prospects is a less sure thing. 2007 should tell us more, particularly if Greg Reynolds and Franklin Morales transition seamlessly to AA, and Juan Morillo and Taylor Buchholz move easily into the bullpen, both Cook and Fuentes could be just as expendable.

brad Hawpe is just as expendable as Holliday, but likely less valuable in trade or the free agent market, although his left handed bat might make him more attractive to other teams than I think he should be. And then we have Garrett Atkins, who might be the only player of the initial Gen-R wave that's worth signing to an extension into his free agency period. Up in the Rockies just did a preview for Garrett, and if he does come out with another all-star type season, than I think we should certainly entertain the idea.

Speaking of that first wave of Gen-R, Jack Etkin at the RMN says that we shouldn't count Clint Barmes as on the outs just yet. Apparently he's finally decided to sit down and actually try and correct his "out front" approach to his swing last season that led to the miserable offensive output. I know he wasn't nearly the player he's capable of being last year, but I also know he isn't nearly the player Troy Tulowitzki's capable of being, so another season of Barmes at starter still seems doubtful to me. It would be nice if Clint's bat is back, however, as that will boost his value in the trade market.