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Saturday PM:

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There's probably any number of things I could post on today to catch up with ambitious projects I set out for myself earlier in the off-season, but I'm not feeling it.

Hey, at least I update more frequently than former KOA 850 producer Jeff Klein, who's blog hasn't been updated since last August. He, or his replacement, better start thinking of dusting the thing off before the season starts up again.

I'll probably add a link to his blog in the sidebar today or tomorrow. I'm also going to go through my inbox and review the sites for those of you who have requested links there over the last couple of weeks, as well as the one in the comments from a couple of days ago. If anybody else has a site I'm cruelly neglecting, now's the time to bring it up, because the Spring cleaning probably won't happen until the end of March.

Troy Renck waxed prosaic in a little ditty he whipped up for the Post this morning, the vignettes include snippets of interviews with Matt Holliday, Troy Tulowitzki, Branch Rickey and somebody else, but the article was a little bit too treacly for me to go back to right now to find out who I'mm forgetting. The Sporting News says the Rockies have the third best outfield in the NL, after the Braves and Mets. Given those two teams' advantage in center with Beltran and Jones, I'm not surprised. We really need to address that next off-season if we want to move to the next level.