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Some prospect stuff: mostly Deuce

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Sorry that last post took me a little longer to develop than I thought it would because the research changed my perception of how easy it should be to unload starters this late in the game. Apparently, it's not easy at all.

Anyway, here are some articles worth reading today:

Baseball America does Arizona's top 10 prospects, starting the NL West this week. The Rockies list will be up Thursday.

The Hardball Times and Baseball Prospectus both went over baseball's best young second basemen, and while EY Jr merited a #14 ranking in the BP article, he was left out of Chris Constancio's. I e-mailed Chris about it and he was kind enough to offer the following response:

Eric Young was my sixteenth man - the last one I cut from the article. And for some reason my 'honorable mentions' got cut off during the editing process but he was supposed to be listed there.

  Anyway, I've been following him very closely and his second half improvements (both contact rate and walk rate) were exciting to see. In the end, however, I can't really say whether or not he has average upside or better without seeing him perform at a higher level and in a more normal hitting environment. I wouldn't be surprised to see him as one of my ten favorite young secondbasemen by mid-summer - we just need to see how he does in a more challenging context.

Which actually goes along with why he might seem a little low in BP's ranks as well. Remember that he's basically had one half season where he looked absolutely phenomenal and two seasons before that where he seemed like an ordinary speedster. While his numbers at Asheville are less suspect than most, combining performance at two exteme hitter friendly parks (he never played at Tri-City) with a low level of competition compared to others on the list will leave him more of an enigma to neutral observers.

Following him closely, I have many reasons to believe the second half surge was a leap in development (from his defense, his continuing the positive steps at Hawaii, etc..,) and like him better than every second baseman listed above him with the exceptions of Cano and Weeks, and possibly Campbell, and my guess is by next season his stats at Modesto and where ever else he may play this year will bear that out, but I certanily can't begrudge the authors for taking the correct stance of mild skepticism.

Plus one bonus link with Matt Herges trivia: Dodger Thoughts' Jon Weisman notes that if he makes the Rockies, Herges will have played for all five NL West teams. It would be a unique feat in divisional play, and considering how arms cycle through the pen, it seems very possible that at some point this season he will accomplish it.

Update [2007-2-14 18:31:23 by Russ]:

Beyond the Box Score's JM Barten profiles Corey Wimberly. He doesn't go into Wimb's defense, which is somewhat lacking.

Update [2007-2-14 18:53:8 by Russ]:

The Dodgers signed the Choo-Choo Train today to a minor league contract and invited him to ST.