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Saturday AM Links: Helton, Hurdle, Rodrigo, etc..,

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I'm just going to stick with the Denver dailies for right now and then maybe do an afternoon version with more interesting stuff from around the web, but I've got a long rant coming about player evaluation, coming next.

Rodrigo Lopez is primed for a comeback in 2007, man, P-R-I-M-E-D. You better call FEMA because no local fire department's going to be able to handle the fire in his belly. Troy Renck at the Post has the story.

Todd Helton and Brian Lawrence are primed for comebacks in 2007, man, P-R-I-M-E-D. Like, instead of injured parts, they've been equipped with bionic super robot parts, and Lawrence even has a chainsaw rather than a left hand. Patrick Saunders reports this time.

Clint Hurdle says the oddsmakers don't understand how many Rockies are primed for comebacks this year, man, P-R-I-M-E-D. I mean, they're already hiding the 2007 World Series trophy in the "Rocky Mountain Original" humidor, because the result of the season is a foregone conclusion. Tracy Ringolsby from the News has this one.

Don't you love the optimism of Spring?