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Will Colorado Springs Have a Humidor Soon?

In Thomas Harding's recent Notes column, he let's us know that while there is room for a humidor the cost involved in building and maintaining it would be problem. The Rockies' solution to keep the balls climate-controlled? Have five shipments of balls instead of the normal three. Something tells me that this hasn't had that great of an impact on the Sky Sox and their opponents at Security Service Field.

Jamey Carroll has an extra glove for spring training as he'll also work as an outfielder. In 2004, Carroll played two games in left field for the Nationals. Of those  two games, he started one and totaled six innings all together. It's probably safe to assume that he'll only be an in-game substitution and not get a start when one of the regulars needs a day off.

Garrett Atkins and Brad Hawpe have reported to Tucson, while Yorvit Torrealba should arrive from Venezuela today.