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No more big leagues for Choo?

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According to the official site, the Rockies have released Choo Freeman, who has spent most of the last decade trying to live up to the hype that surrounded him when he was drafted. In nine seasons of professional baseball, despite being touted with five-tool talent, Freeman never had an OPS over .844 and never developed into the player that was envisioned when he was considered the Rockies top prospect.

Subsequent to this move, the Alexis Gomez signing should be completed to fill out the roster once again. ZiPS projects Gomez to have an RC/27 rate of 4.0, and Freeman to have one of 3.9, so the difference is obviously negligible between the two players, but the Rox really needed to move on after giving Choo multiple chances to fulfill his promise.

Update [2007-2-2 18:34:45 by Russ]:

The Rockies and Josh Fogg agreed on a 1-yr., $3.625M deal today. With each side meeting half way, there will be no arbitration hearings for the team now.