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Tuesday Morning Rundown:

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It's Kaz Matsui day at the Denver dailies, with our enigmatic second baseman being featured in two articles. In the Denver Post, Troy Renck gives a close, mostly first person perspective, with Matsui explaining why he's ready to break out of his disappointing tenure in New York. The reasons to look for improvement vary from Lasik eye surgery to improved health, to the ever popular, "change of scenery."

Tracy Ringolsby, meanwhile, gives the story from the Rockies' perspective at the Rocky Mountain News, with some interesting views from Dan O'Dowd and Clint Hurdle. This was one of O'Dowd's statements from the article:

"Now we have to see if the six weeks we saw is something that can carry over to six months," O'Dowd said. "I think this year is important for him to reaffirm the caliber of player he is. He's still young. He still has a chance to have a good career in the big leagues."

Maybe he means "young at heart," but Matsui's youthful luster has pretty much fallen by the wayside. At 32 years old, his opportunities for proving himself a capable big leaguer pretty much come down to this season. He somewhat implies this in the first part of the statement before giving the rosy view. No pressure, though, Kaz. I'm actually pretty confident Matsui will succeed this season, but I'm not going to exaggerate his youth.

Woody Paige seems pretty confident that Yorvit Torrealba will win the Rockies' starting catcher job, and he's also a San Francisco Giants fan, predicting the team that came only a half game ahead of the Rockies and D-backs last season to be ahead again this year despite losing Jason Schmidt and Moises Alou and retaining Armando Benitez as their closer. Maybe it's because the Giants are the only team the old man recognizes some players from. Note to Woody: they're old, and no longer as good as you remember.