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Thursday Late Morning:

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Huh, new caps for everybody. If you really feel a need to replace all your old ones with the more authentic wik-away poly-blend new style this March, then I would of course humbly suggest clicking through the "Lids" affiliate link down the left sidebar,


as that would help support Purple Row as well. :) Yep, hawkin' me 'wares like a beggar girl...

Anyway, the best Rockies stuff today comes from Jeff Albert at Baseball Analysts as he tries to break down Todd Helton's swing and find out if he was doing anything different last season compared to 2004.

A quote from O'Dowd regarding possible big raises for players not yet arbitration eligible:

"We have our own scale and will stay consistent with what we've done," general manager Dan O'Dowd said. "When the players get to arbitration, they would expect to make money like Matt (Holliday) did this year."

Yeah, I didn't think so either. That was from Patrick Saunders' notes column at the Denver Post.

Update [2007-2-22 8:52:22 by malakian]:

Veteran reliever Mike DeJean was finally re-signed to a minor league contract. DeJean will spend the spring in a rehabilitation program as he recovers from shoulder surgery.