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If Hawpe Is Thunder, Who Is Lightning?

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Is it Garrett Atkins, Matt Holliday or both? Any combination of the three will offer better results than the New York Giants' version of Tiki Barber and Ron Dayne at the start of the decade. In today's Troy Renck article, we find that Hawpe enters this season 8 lbs. heavier but with the same flexibility after training with the TCU track team once again. Hurdle makes it sound as if Hawpe will play against lefties more than Baker:

"We are going to find Baker at-bats, but we want to give Brad every opportunity to take that next step," Hurdle said. "If he hits 10 points higher and takes a small step in every area, he's closing on .300 with 30 home runs and 100 RBIs. That's not hoping. That's factual. I think Brad can be a very special player."

My fear is that if Hawpe doesn't improve against lefties, Hurdle will take too long to make a change against lefties. Baker would be wasting away on the bench, getting the occasional AB late in the game. Though if that's the only problem the team has at that point, the season must be on the right course.


The D'Rays are open to trading Rocco Baldelli (Footnotes section), but want "multiple proven young starters." I thought the new ownership and management there would change course from the previous one but that's not the case.

Continuing with the Footnotes, Furcal and Pierre for 120 stolen bases? Maybe, but check back at the end of the season and I think they'll have more against other NL West opponents than the Rockies. As long as Iannetta is the starter, that is.

I'll have some sort of draft piece later today, maybe on who's off to a good start and who isn't.

Update [2007-2-25 17:17:42 by Russ]:

I'll have a J.P. Arencibia profile up later. I'm also working on an Excel file to keep track of how players perform. It should be up by the end of the week and will have updates every other week.