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Monday Afternoon Linkages

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Sorry, I'm getting to posting so late, I had an early conference call with a British client at my day job. At any rate, there's not much today. Tracy Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain News gets Cory Sullivan's view of the Steve Finley signing. Sullivan says he's taking the news in stride, but the bar is being raised for him this Spring. Also at the News, Dave Krieger wiegh in on the Steve Finley signing, coming down in favor of signing 42 year old center fielders. Alright, maybe the Rockies really do need the wisdom of the sage Finley to get to the playoffs. However, if that's the case, you would have thought that last season, on a team full of proven winners, he and the Giants would have wound up more than a half game ahead of the Rox...

Hey, the Rockies are hiring. For all of you with professional voice over experience, here's your chance. I'll miss the golden baritone of Alan Roach.

Thomas Harding reports on Ian Stewart and a few other young players/prospects in camp. Stewart talks about his offense, but the interesting notes to me were the defensive work being done with Stewart (under Vinny's expert guidance) and Troy Tulowitzki (with the help of Mike Gallego). Offensively, these two talents will shine, but by honing their defense and insuring they stay put at their respective positions will really increase their potential opportunities for stardom.

Garrett Atkins, too, is working on his D. With Holliday, Atkins, Stew and Tulo all getting drilled in the fundamentals of run prevention this Spring, you'd think the team was trying to say something about our left side last season...

At the Post, Troy Renck connects Todd Helton to the Red Sox again (as others have this week,) despite the acknowledgement that talks have been "dead".