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Tuesday Morning Rundown:

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Why am I so excited for meaningless games to get under way tomorrow? Aaron Cook gets his two innings versus the White Sox in Tucson.

Steve Finley, Giant Killer. Now we just need totems for the Dodgers, D-backs and Padres.

Tracy Ringolsby writes that Clint Barmes gets to keep his number 12 for right now, although he offered it in deference to Finley's veteran intangibles. Finley declined, saying he'd let the Spring play out before taking it from Barmes. Probably because he figures Clint's not going to make it anyway. That's alright, though, because I'm guessing Barmes feels the same about him.

Denny Bautista has been camp's "most pleasant surprise," according to an article by Patrick Saunders, and it looks like he might be making a serious play for breaking Spring in the Rockies' bullpen. That would have to come at the expense of Buchholz, Ramirez or Corpas, so this bears monitoring.

Dan at Up in the Rockies continues to profile the team, this time checking out the sad "Ballad of Ryan Spilborghs". Ryan may need a managerial epiphany to make the squad.

Troy Tulowitzki ranks as one of the Top Young Shortstops in the game right now according Chris Constancio, with a mention going to Chris Nelson as well. Tulo's got more upside than Stephen Drew in Constancio's esteem, which would make him one of the few neutral pundits that holds that opinion. I don't know if I'd even go that far, as right now their upsides look fairly even to me. I do think both can be projected to have more power than Han-Ram in Florida, and until last season I would have thought they'd have more than Jose Reyes as well, but I'm not so sure on that point anymore.


Update [2007-2-27 20:31:19 by Russ]: also has profiles on upcoming draftees. The reports are from a scout's perspective during this season's games. Be sure to follow them!