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Which Rockies Player Is Ricky Martin?

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That's right, Ricky Martin. The Rockies must now follow the "Menudo Rule" because Charlie Monfort is cheap. Out of the following, who will have the most success if and when they leave the Rockies:

Garrett Atkins - He's my choice to have the most success if the FO can't sign him to an extension. With a couple more seasons like 2006, teams around the Majors will start counting down the days until he hits the open market (if they aren't already). Maybe the Nationals should look to sign him in the future as he's done pretty well against them. 2007 should be no different with the state of that rotation.

Aaron Cook - I definitely think Cook would have success if ever left the Rockies, but I believe he's the least likely of the four to not be with the team. He's attempting to become a proven starter in the Majors and with only 2006 as his first full season as a starter with the Rockies, his price might remain in the acceptable range after his current deal ends in 2008.

Brian Fuentes - It might be a stretch to include him in this list since he is much older than the other three. However, he has a proven track record and a change of team probably wouldn't adversely affect him.

Matt Holliday - As debated this week, his home-road splits have favored him at home but he did improve his road stats in 2006. His new home park won't offer as great an advantage as Coors does.


News & Notes:

Dan Kolb will not sign with the Rockies as he signed with the Pirates.

Renck now includes Taylor Buchholz as a player for a spot in the rotation.

12 days till Pitchers & Catchers report!