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Monday Morning Post:

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I'll post more later today, but I've got a busy morning ahead, and then I might need some downtime, so this one will just be a short link dump:

The Denver Post says Todd Helton is ready to veto all potential trades in the next five years.

As was pointed out in the comments to yesterday's post, Oscar Rivera was pulled from the Carribean Series with tightness in his left shoulder. Chris Kline says the move was precautionary as they wanted to keep his chances of earning a spot in Colorado's rotation alive. He also says BA will have a scout's take on Rivera posted soon.

Finally, I have to say that I'm not really a football fan, and wouldn't be the best judge of this, but were those two teams yesterday really the best in the league this year? I only watched through Prince (yeah, that's why I turned it on -and for the commercials) so I missed the second half, but the level of play didn't seem particularly "super" yesterday. Am I completely off on this?